Our Philosophy and Story

We believe that any customer who engages our services is entitled to gratitude, respect, commitment and delivery of quality products that not just meets their needs but surpasses their expectations.

Our approach using Agile development ensures that we collaborate, are flexible and work to meet deadlines, customer satisfaction is evident in loyalty and recommendation of our clients.

Like every thing in life, we have a story. We started with development of interactive educational resources to assist educators with the then growing concept of integrating technology into the learning environment.

We were able to assist by developing resources which were published as web applications, CD and DVD applications and executable files which were downloaded onto computers. With years and advancement of technology, we began to publish these applications as mobile apps for the mobile and android platforms. Our clients began to demand for more with the delivery of their web applications so we went into web devellopment as it also gave us more control to develop the top quality web applications that were expected by our clients.

Meet the Team

These are the members of the team who work to bring your ideas to life and who work tirelessly to ensure that you get the high quality product of your desire.

June Nwosu

Founder & CEO

June is passionate about software development and has a Masters degree in same from University of Ulster, UK. June’s passion led to the founding of Juvang Apps. June also works as a lecturer imparting the knowledge of code to young and old.

Reginald Doherty

Software Developer

Reginald has years of experience in mobile and web development and pays huge attention to detail.

Edwin Finian

Software Developer Intern

Edwin’s favourite pasttime is writing code. He devotes hours of his time writing and debugging to ensure that all those lines of code work as intended.

What Next?

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