• Development of Educational Apps

We aim at providing learners and educators with a stimulating and more positive educational experience.  As a pedagogical tool, technology has the potential to make learning more interactive whereby learners participate in their own learning thus enhancing motivation, engaging interest and promoting memory retention.  A full list of our services are listed below.


  • Analysis of Instructional Material
  • Advisory Services
  • Risk Assessment
  • Solutions Provision

Design and Development

  • Design and development of digital educational resource to meet the needs of the target group and the educator.
  • Liaison with educators to ensure that learning outcomes are met.

Developed Materials are:

  • User Friendly
  • Interactive
  • Interesting
  • Motivating

Training Services

  • Training of Education Providers
  • Training of Individuals or Organisations
  • Train De Trainer
  • On Site Training Available

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