Practice and test yourself with our Free Learning Resources on our Juvang eLesson below.  For eLessons in Java Programming, Android Programming and Maths tailored to suit your learning style and particular area of need, please visit: Juvang eLesson.

Free Learning Resources
Our free Math Helper App is also available to help you improve on your Maths Skills wherever you are.  Download from Android Play Store:

Free Math Helper App
Do you want to learn Android Programming?  Check out the Android Mobile App Development course below:

Topics covered include:

  • SQLite Database
  • Repeating Notifications
  • Pick a Contact from Device Contacts List
  • Shared Preferences
  • Array Adapter
  • Spinner & Drop Down Menu
  • Date Picker, ArrayList
  • Input Validation and implementing a Constructor
  • and More
Android Mobile App Development


Book by the founder of JuvangApps available on Amazon:

Technology in Adult Basic Education: How Does Technology Impact On the Self-beliefs of Adult Basic Education Learners?

by Uchenna June Nwosu (Author)

Excerpts from the book in pdf:

Software Design and Learners Self Beliefs

Self Beliefs and Attainment

Learning and Self Beliefs


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