Mobile App Development

We work with you to bring those awesome ideas to life through an Android or iOS mobile app.

Web Development and eCommerce

Juvang Apps is experienced in web development and integration of eCommerce to get your products or services out to the world.

Interactive Educational Resources

Interactive educational resources have been shown to help learners in and outside the classroom to continue to master and grow in skills learned. We develop a range of educational resources for different platforms.

More about Our Services.

We develop mobile apps for new start ups and SMEs and also for individuals who have an idea but do not know the next step to take.

We assist start ups to get there new business venture out there and we work with you to provide technical knowledge to work with your idea and get it out as a mobile app across multiple platforms.


We don’t just write code for busness and indivuduals, we ensure that your idea gets the functionality needed for use by the target market.

What Next?

Contact us at 07455470635 or send us an email using [email protected] to discuss more about your new idea or business needs and we will be happy to meet or eMeet and provide a quotation